Middlehelm is the Capital of the Region of Albius, Surrounded by forests, swamps in the north, Hills and Mountains in the far west, with the Coastline running North to South, in the East.

Middlehelms Original Thouroughfare is the Waterways. Huge rivers flowing from the Mountains of Krakrak to the Seas of the Deep Shine, have been tamed by the Cities Inhabitants, so they can access the Ancient Ruins that lie beneath the city (an intricate system of pumps and waterwheels, sponsored by some very rich patrons, gave access over 70 years ago) Due to this, the cities most famous attraction is the great Blood Run, a competition for Adventurers to explore the ruins beneath the city, and find their way to the surface via routes different than ones previously discovered.

Middlehelm has several shoppes and taverns for adventurers, and besides the main event, more than enough ancient Croconian ruins are to the north, still filled with rotting corpses, undead monsters, piles of treasures and some of the greatest lost treasures.

To the East, 2 months travel is Durnshine, city of the Bay of the Deep. To the West, 2 months travel is the Passage to Kak Kanuk, the Dwarven Fortress and City, Not easily accessable, and extremely dangerous to bypass, The Dwarves hold trades reins across the mountains, which lead to one of the richest kingdoms, The Keivan Rus, and their well protected capital, Moskva.

Middlehelms prices are 30-50% higher than other cities, the average tavern stocks a Middlehelm Ale called MiddleAle, set at a price similar to local and imported ales for 4 TinBitz. (villages charge 1) and a dubiously named wine known as Necrowine, as the grapes grow only in and around graveyards. for 2 copper a glass.

(MiddleAle: 4 TinBitz, 1 alchohol point, no extra effects)

(Necrowine: 2 copper, 2 alchohol points, no extra effects, unless you use dark elemental magic, in which case +3% to that nights regeneration rate)

Middlehelm is home to one of the most famous shoppes, M.Y.T.H.S. which is an interdimensional Weapons and Armour shoppe for Heroes. In that, it has 100% availability for all items up to level 7, and a drop off of only 10% per level, but if you request it, they can get it (re-roll each day) BUT all prices are 3x standard.

Middlehelm is also home to two notorious (N)PCs, One whose name cannot be spoken nor written, without invoking his curse, a mage so powerful, it has been said he went to another universe and destroyed all known creatures and monsters, leaving only natural, non magical animals.. on a bet.

The Other is known as D-Man (his full name starts with a D, but to utter it is to summon him to slay you) He is the Arch Nemesis of the former NPC, and is trapped in the Black Tower that is built in several towns. He has been known to help others, for favours, big favours.

Middlehelm is also famous for its Bear Pit Fights, All illegal and underground clubs, creating some very interesting events, including dark or moon druids shapechanging into Bears, and Undead Bear pits (not the Bears, the Pits)

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