Metal Helmet +3 (?)

I examined a Metal Helmet. A Metal Helmet, is a simple piece of headgear fashioned from steel which serves as protection for the head and neck. Magical Metal Helmets can be identified by a Metal Helmet + 3 No. after their name. These Helmets have higher protection than other helmets due to special enchantments woven into them. Player’s Note: These helmets have been discovered as treasure and haven’t been found for sale anywhere yet. Their normal defense seems right in line between a metal helmet and a metal helmet +5 as is available in any courtyard or magical trader, but its other defenses are superior to a Metal Helmet +5 and just slightly so to a Metal Helmet +7. A player accidentally sold one and found it worth 900gp.

Player’s Note 20061013: The description above now reflects the description most recently observed with an investigation order. The investigation also gave the protective values matching those that have been observed in the past.

Movement Rate: Not affected

No. Per Backpack Slot: 4

Metal Helmet +3: Normal=4, Fire=5, Cold=5, Chemical=5, Magical=10, Mental=8.

Value: ?/900gp

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