I carefully examined the Magic Scroll I was carrying. It was a scroll of
Maverick's Demon Shield. To cast the spell ussing thia scroll write the order
'C' '8766' 'Target' or use a targetted HANDLE order. When cast at a target in
the same square as me, a shimmering purple shield appears over the target
protecting them from some forms of demonic attack and incursion for a time. The
spell requires 1 x Opal as an additional component. The spell is classified as
an "Enchantment" Spell. You cannot equip a magic scroll, you only need to have
it in your pack to cast a spell. Once you cast the spell the scroll will
disapear. To make another scroll use the order 'X' '8766'. This costs 200gp.
No. of scrolls per backpack slot: 12.

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