When cast you will be magically teleported to a random location. Be warned,
the locations will never be anywhere as terminal as the middle of a wall,
but could be to a less than pleasant place. A definite case of out of the
griddle and into the fire. This spell requires no additional components.

(This is wrong you are taken to a room in the safe haven which is usually perfectly safe, other areas, like Frontier have their own equivalents)

"I urgently dragged out my scroll and spat the words to the Magic Portal
spell rapidly.A flash of light and the stench of ammonia filled the air as
magical power wrenched me from that place to an entirely different one. I
found myself in a warm,quiet,peaceful place.A small room nestled in some
extradimensional area perhaps? I could feel sorcery here.
It was the legendary Safe Haven. No attack orders can be used in this
place. Even hostility attacks will be slow and unwieldy.
Traders exist here for my benefit.
When I want to return to the place I came from I can use the order 'C202'.
A side-effect of the transfer to Safe Haven is that I am healed 5 points if
A strange raised stone dias stood here. Brickwork around the edge held a
flat black marble platform with an odd silvery sheen upon it. The words
"Nepini Lazin" were inscribed on the brickwork."

To cast: C 2.
To Copy: C 102. (Costs 25 gps)
No. per backpack slot: 12

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