DungeonWorld-(r) Trademarked and Registered 1994 & 2014, is a Rules Heavy, but Core Mechanic Stable Roleplay System, designed for the Fantasy World - The Coyn, under licence to EFRGames.

Dungeonworld uses a 2d12 core system with open ended critical & failures skill system.

Dungeonworld also uses the Psychological Mental Mapping system of Skill & Learning, invented by scientists, to map the structure of learning new skills, but has been gamified into a structured roleplay rule.

Dungeonworld also uses many psychological systems identified by many scholars and scientists to structure a correct and proper understanding of the mind and how we use it to achieve what we want in life, to subconciously train the users into becoming better in real life as they identify with team work, goal setting and study.

The Coyn, uses a Database of user inputs, which govern the world itself and all its political machinations, along with physics, weather and magical laylines to create a complex, but accesable set of background data for gamesmasters to use quickly and seemlessly in their games, be they Dungeonworld or other roleplay systems.

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