I carefully examined the Magic Scroll I was carrying. It was a Scroll of
Greater Fire Ward. To cast the spell using this scroll write the

order "C 3999 <target ID>" where the target is the character you wish
the spell to affect in the same or adjacent square. A greater fire

ward is a sphere of bright white energy that gives off a thick chilling
mist. It protects the person it is cast on from some of the effects of
fire, reducing any fire damage done by four points with its cooling glow
until the end of the turn. You cannot equip a magic scroll, you only
need have it in your pack to cast a spell. Once you cast the spell the
scroll will disappear.

Make more: To create another, use the "C 4000" order. This costs 50gp.
The maximum number of scrolls per backpack slot is 12.

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