I carefully examined the Magic Scroll I was carrying. It was a Scroll of Ghastly Cloud of Death.
To cast the spell using this scroll write the order 'C' '29' 'Target
Character ID'. This terrible spell will cause a green and ghastly cloud of death to
sweep forth over my target and also an area around my target, causing all within the
area to be poisoned and also to take melting damage. While this spell was
originally one of Necromantic nature, this version was converted for use with enchanter's magic.
The spell is not choosy who it affects. It will hurt friend and
enemy alike within range and if I am too close it will also harm me.
The spells range is 6, its radius from point of contact is 4. It is not stopped by walls or
obstacles. You cannot equip a magic scroll, you only need have it in your pack to cast a spell.
Once you cast the spell the scroll will disappear. To make another
scroll use the order 'C 129'. This costs 95 gps. No. of scrolls per backpack slot: 12.

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