When cast you will summon a Fire Sprite. The creature is treated like an item of equipment and appears in your backpack. To use it as a weapon you need to then equip it to your attack hand. Any attack order will then cause
the imp to spit a stream of fire at your target. This spell needs no additional components. Fire Sprites have a 1 in 3 chance of returning home every time you issue an attack order, they could even disappear immediately!

Fire Sprites, once summoned, cannot be dropped, sold or given away.

They have an attack range of 6.

To cast: C 3
To copy: C 103. (cost 25 gps)
No. per backpack slot: 12

This creates a Fire Sprite item, The description is wrong as they always disapear at the end of a turn and not after an attack. They may last several truns and cannot be removed or replaced with another item.

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