In time long gone, People came to the region on their rafts and built small communities, tied to old trees, tied to one another. Initially it was called Murker Village because of the huge population of murkers and because it was the main trade good for the region. Over a hundred years or so, small towns were constructed from Vines, Bamboo and Swamp Oaks of the region. As the vine nets were built, the murkers hunted, the swamp slowly became a lake.

The Villagers in the smaller raft communities started to notice in the now clear water, large stones. They were the only real stones in the region, and they had magic, so they became known as the BreyStones.

Soon enough, they managed to build a bridge using the stones, from the two larger beaches and imported redwoods. This was a huge bridge, a hundred metres wide and a few miles long. This larger construction become known as Breylake Bridge, or just Breylake.

Breylake exports several mutated versions of Murker, a mudwalker of sorts, whose flesh is full of nutrients and proteins. The Larger more docile, known as a Beefish has a taste of Beef and Pork. The Standard Murker a slightly salty taste and the dangerous RotMurker, not sold as a food product, but one that is used by mages and alchemists

The Main Bridge of Breylake connects people across the Great Swamps Swamps and Lakes of Breylake, as there are no decent bridges north for a few hundred miles, and only footbridges south, until Jesemby Bridgetown far south.

Breylake Manufactures a Hard Lackered Fish Scale Armour, and a range of Fish Bone Weapons which are unique to the region. What they lack in durability they more than make up for as a light weight armour and sharper weapon.

Many Heroes attempting to gain treasure from the Golden Ziggurats, use Breylake as a port of stay, coming and going from the different regions, trading secrets with one another, and gaining healing from the Temple of The Grey Lady

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