As a Reference:

Hauberk 75% 45% 25%, I: 5 (15), AF: 7(2bl, 2p), DR: -1, HP 100[30%]

The first three numbers represent the City, Town and Village percentiles, likely that it will exist in any given shop.

I = Initiative, and the Bracketed () represents Auto-rules for the Body Initiative. Manual rules calculate each individual location.

AF = Armour Factor, Bracketed values are modifiers in armour for specialist attacks such as bludgeoning attacks or piercing attacks.

DR = Damage Reduction, if the value is a negative, this increases the damage done when hit.

HP = The number of Hits the Armour can sustain overall, The bracketed value is the most a single hit to a single location else it tears or breaks away, but for simplicity, also, if the total HP is reduced to lower than this value, the armour shreds at every damage after this.

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