Albius is the Region bordered to the West by the Krakrak Mountains and the south by the Northdunder Mountains, The North and East are surrounded by Sea, the Deep Shine Sea to the East and the North Glades Sea

Albius History starts with a large plain, upon which several cities grew to form a great world, but due to some kind of cataclysmic event, was washed over with a great flood of mud, which was suddenly hardened into rock.

Next it was taken over by a Crocodile Race known as the Croconians, who built Large Golden Temples in the growing swamps of the settling mud lands, but, due to the nature of swamps and heavy gold, it began to sink. In an effort to keep it up, Croconian Druids and Priests summoned up ancient Trees to hold everything in place, but inadventantly changed the entire ecology of the region and nearly wiped out their entire civilisation.

A few hundred years later, Dwarves Broke through the Krakrak mountains, and many races came through to discover great treasures, word of these treasures, and returning heroes, saw a great flux of hopefuls rushing through the dwarven tunnels to claim their chunk of treasure, and the dwarves revolted. The doors were slammed shut, trapping the people on the other side.

Hovels grew into villages, into towns and finally cities, but due to the nature of the swamp/forests, small settlements that did not have the protection of heroes, soon were lost to the denizens of the forests of doom(as they became known)

Middlehelm, built great walls from a nearby ruined Croconian temple, fortified and protected, they could start to develop a great city. Their lifeblood was incoming Heroes and the sale of goods and services of said heroes.

Durnshine, on the coast, first established contact and trade with other lands, and now suddenly things picked up, more heroes have started to come to the lands, pushing back the tide of beasts, and again the lost Temples of the Croconians have become the goal of many young adventurers.

Beltayn, the Northern City, was established by the Order of Shannafria, Goddess of Sexual Healing, due to the influx of Heroes, the propensity to be damaged in nearby fights and the strange practices required of her followers, the temple and the city flourished.

Breylake, Initially Known as Murker Village, was built using the Vines, Bamboo and Swamp Oaks of the region, a raised village over a murky swamp. Over time, clearing swamp turned it into a Lake, the village grew into a town and renamed itself Breylake (the BreyStones were used to establish the main thoroughfare) and later became a bustling city.

Kak Kanuk, While not technically in Albius, borders on its edge, and once was the very reason this place existed. The Dwarves of Kak Kanuk have not forgotten, while passage between Albius and Keivan-Rus exists, it is expensive, as the Dwarves would rather transport goods themselves between the lands, and don't want any rivalry.

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